Maya Boim Cohen

Case study

Cheetah Medical Starling

-in development-


The Cheetah Starling is still in development, this is why the main image is obscured and final mockups have not been uploaded. 


Redesign the company's existing monitor's UX to be more versatile, so that it would suit both nurses and doctors at the same time, make it more intuitive, less cumbersome and more user friendly. 


Cheetah Medical’s Starling is a medical device that provides clinical teams the ability to obtain a noninvasive dynamic assessment of fluid responsiveness of patients in a variety of clinical settings.

Platform: An embedded medical device.


I worked on this project as a freelancer, April to July of 2017, to establish the design of the main dashboard and its supporting screens.

  • Work closely with the CTO (serving also as the PM & User Research team) to understand the product, company and user needs and strategically plan next steps

  • Competitive research and analysis

  • Sketch low fidelity wireframes by hand, to iterate through multiple design options and to distill the best option for the product

  • Create high fidelity mockups

  • Create a prototype to be shown to a focus group of medical experts

  • Iterate on the designs according to focus group's comments and further requests from CTO

  • Create assets and specs to be delivered to the engineering team


Since this project is still being produced I do not have any final results/learnings/conclusions to share at this point, but from initial testers' reviews, it looks like we are on the right path...